MP3 Torrent


New P2P client for BitComet and BitTorrent networks



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MP3 Torrent is an interesting option for those users who wat to try a new alternative for their usual P2P client.

MP3 Torrent runs over BitTorrent and BitComet among other nets, and it is housed in a graphic interface which will make you remember the popular Ares due to its appearance and functionality.

By using MP3 Torrent we will be able to search using filters, so you will locate the files you are searching for.

Once you have downloaded the files, you will be able to open the files from the interface or maybe you will prefer to admin your multimedia library.

-MP3 Torrent is Adware, so it will install an extra software which will display ads while you are running it.

-This free version show up to 200 results for each search.

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